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Free 30-day trial with all the paid-subscription features included (no credit card required).

Subscription Levels:

After your free trial period ends, subscriptions start at $59.95 per month. Several discounted price options are available for you to select; as low as $16 a month (per user account) for Enterprise Subscriptions. This is for unlimited access and use of all software features. There are no hidden costs or fees for additional services.

Single User: Designed for individuals or smaller organizations that do not need to share, collaborate or track sales leads and job estimates across an organization. Provides one user account for login.

Small Business, Business & Enterprise Subscriptions: These subscriptions allow multiple users to share an account, each with separate logins. Designed for organizations that wish to share and collaborate sales leads and job estimates across their organization. Various user privileges can be defined, accommodating the needs of executive managers, sales managers, sales and quoting personnel, and call center personnel (lead screening and Job status coordination).

Special Editions

OEM/Distributor Edition: This edition is for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors. Sales leads and special offers can be pushed/distributed to your retail network. Reports can be generated to help forecast demand for equipment or services. And special branding and templates are provided to best represent your brand and offer your retail network a unique experience that streamlines organizational activities and effectively promotes your brand, products and services

The OEM/Distributor Edition offers special features and pricing/promotion plans so you can offer your entire retail network the EnergyPeriscopeTM experience. For qualified organizations there is no set-up fee and no minimum subscription requirements. Rather, you can earn affiliate commissions and/or extend pricing discounts to your retail network -- it's a flexible, win-win scenario designed to take your channel management to a new level.

Product Management can also be provided, allowing distributors and manufacturers (OEMs) to easily pass equipment pricing and product information to their Partner/Retail networks.

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If you have an account with one of these companies, ask them about gaining access to their special edition. Special discounted pricing offers apply and their equipment kits are pre-loaded for easy selection:

Power Pro edition ONtility Pro edition
Soligent DC Power Systems Solar Depot Ontility
Earthwise Energy Pro edition CentroPro edition
earthwise solar centrosolar
Rexel Pro edition Micro-Solar Pro edition
rexel solar siemens solar
Echo Pro edition Promise Energy Pro edition
sunedison echofirst Promise Energy Solar
QwikSolar Pro edition Delta Mech Pro edition
qwiksolar Delta Mechanical Solar

Educator's Edition: This edition is for colleges, universities, vocational schools and other learning institutions. Scenarios can be provided to students (in the form of mock Sales leads), and reports generated to assess the status of student work. This edition offers special features and plans. We provide this edition as a donation to tax-exempt (Nonprofit) organizations.

Educator's Edition used by:

midwest renewable energy association
Midwest Renewable Energy Association
Heartland Community College
kankakee community college
Kankakee Community College
st paul technical college
solar energy international ttl college
kankakee community college kankakee community college
Students at Kankakee Community College

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